Blëtzermarathone fir méi Verkéierssécherheet?

D’Etüd “Speed Limit Enforcement and Road Safety” vum IZA Institute of Labor Economics an Däitschland huet gekukt, wat fir een Impakt massiv Vitesskontrolle – sougenannte Blëtzmarathonen – op déi allgemeng Stroossesécherheet hunn. En gros soen d’Fuerscher Folgendes:

“Using register data on the universe of police reported accidents in a generalized difference-in-differences approach, we find that SLMO reduce traffic accidents and casualties by eight percent. Yet, immediately after the SLMO day, all effects vanish. Further evidence suggests that people drive more slowly and responsibly on SLMO days to avoid fines; providing information on the dangers of speeding does not alter driving behavior in a more sustainable way.” (Abstract)